Title One

Title I Overview:

Title I federal funding provides assistance to schools, who serve high percentages of children from families of low income, to support student achievement.  With approximately 66% of our student population eligible to receive Free and Reduced Meals Services, Pocomoke Elementary School is provided title I funding in support of student achievement beyond materials, resources and staffing typically funded by our school district. PES utilizes Title I funds to provide:

  •  Additional faculty/staff positions (Literacy and Math Coaches)
  •  Smaller class sizes
  •  Technology
  •   Professional Development/Workshop Training for Parents/Faculty/Staff
  •   Parent and Family Engagement Events that offer opportunities for parents to become fully active in       their child’s educational journey 

(Parents may request transportation, childcare and/or translation services in order to fully participate in Parent and Family Engagement opportunities.)

As a Title I School, PES parents have the right to request the professional qualifications of teachers, as well as educational assistants, who currently provide instructional services for their child. 

Pocomoke Elementary School parents are encouraged to become actively engaged in their child’s education! We would like you to please attend each Parent Conference Night, volunteer to assist in school events, visit your child’s classroom and attend PES Parent and Family Engagement Events. Please consider participating in our School Improvement decision-making process through regular attendance during our Annual Title I Review Meetings, Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and School Improvement and Advisory Committee (SIAC) Meetings.

Each year Pocomoke Elementary School utilizes formative and summative student assessment data to drive instructional decision-making and carefully outline action steps for continued student growth. Through, parent, community, and educator collaboration, Project Charters are created, with embedded progress monitoring measures, to advance student academic achievement and to provide a future-inspired, nurturing learning environment dedicated to the safety, health and overall social/emotional well-being of each child. Please review our PES Title I Documents available on this school website, including our Executive Summary, which outlines our School Improvement Plan Charters. We would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding our School Improvement Plan (including Project Charters and Action Steps) through completion of our School Improvement Plan Survey!