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Good evening, families, this is Principal Joshua Hamborsky.


As you know, we are committed to open and transparent communication regarding COVID-19. In light of that, I am contacting you tonight to let you know that today we have been notified that an individual in our school has tested positive for COVID-19.


While your child was a part of the impacted cohort, I am happy to report that your child has not been identified as a close contact, unless you were otherwise notified. A letter is available for viewing on our website, with pertinent information on this case.


I want to thank all of our students and our staff once again for your diligence in observing our health and safety protocols. Because of your dedication to wearing face coverings, observing physical distancing whenever possible, and checking for symptoms, we are able to keep our classrooms open for in-person learning. Please keep up the great work!


Again, thank you all for your continued partnership as we navigate through this next stage of the pandemic together. Have a good night.


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IMPORTANT: An individual in our school has tested positive for COVID-19. Your child is not a close contact unless you have been otherwise notified. Please view the letter from Principal Hamborsky: <<direct URL from where the letter is posted to the website>>