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Louise Fitz-Coy
Mrs. Fitz-Coy has a bachelor's degree in special education, and certifications in early childhood and elementary education. She holds a master's degree in public school administration, and has begun a doctorate in innovation and leadership. She has taught writing skills and special education at the college level, and has taught special education, kindergarten, and pre-kindergarten classes at Pocomoke Elementary School where she has worked for the past 28 years.

Mrs. Fitz-Coy believes that education is a marvelous adventure, and we can all learn from children.

Kathy Ward
Ms. Ward has been an early childhood educator for 28 years.  She has spent her entire career at Pocomoke Elementary School.  Ms. Ward believes that every child can learn and prosper in a positive classroom environment.  The teacher's job is to create that environment and to help each child achieve success in the classroom.

Lauren Walker
Mrs. Walker graduated from Eastern University in 2008 with a double major in elementary education and special education, along with certification in early childhood.  She received her master's degree in special education from Walden University in 2012.  Mrs. Walker began her teaching career in 2nd grade at Pocomoke Elementary, and is now teaching Early Intervention.